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Pet Grooming

Exceptional Pet Groomer!

With SD Pet Hair Removal, you can expect exceptional pet grooming from me! I love all kinds of pets, and I know that as much love you may have for them in your heart – you might not always have the time or energy to groom and care for the condition of their fur. But that’s why I’m here and ready to serve anyone in and around the Beaufort, SC area who wants some relief! I’ll do everything you need to, but I’ll do it in half the time and leave space on your schedule for every other chore!

My Services

Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal

Having a pet is all fun and games, but there is a responsible side to owning a living creature as well. And when the fur starts shedding everywhere – your responsibility should kick in, and you should call to request my effective pet fur removal!

Dog Shampooing Services

Dog Shampooing Services

Whether your dog is wild and jumpy or more docile, putting shampoo on their fur is never as fun or simple as advertised. However, I’ve dealt with countless puppies of all temperaments and sizes, and I know how to handle any dog and good it a good wash!

Cat Shampooing Services

Cat Shampooing Services

If you own a cat, chances are, you’ve tried to bathe it once or twice but probably gave up rather quickly. It’s tricky, but with my experience in car shampooing, I can make sure every inch of fur is perfectly shampooed and washed!

Dog Grooming Services

Dog Grooming Services

Only a few dog breeds don’t shed hair, but most do. I’m offering to take the grooming off your hands and make sure the due of your puppy is perfectly tamed, soft, short, and sweet – as it should be!

Cat Grooming Services

Cat Grooming Services

Is your cat’s fur growing out of control or constantly shedding all over the property? Do you feel it’s time to give your kitty some well-deserved grooming at a professional level? You deserve my skills and passion for grooming kitties and making them beautiful!

Your Pet Deserves the Best

Whoever chooses to have a pet by their side knows all too well how quickly that pet becomes among the most prominent in life. That means feeding the pet, loving it, nurturing and grooming it – regularly! However, those needs coincide with every other chore and task – there’s no way to choose one or the other. It gets arduous when you can’t give your pet the love and care it deserves, but there’s still a way. You can contact a professional who will give your pet love when you’re too busy.

I’ll Treat Every Pet With Care

Pet deserve our utmost care and love at all times – they give it to us unconditionally, so shouldn’t we all do the same for them? However, busy schedules can keep us from other priorities, even when we want to care for our pets – our messy life might not allow that to happen as often as we’d like. But that’s precisely why I started my service. I wanted to care for people’s pets when they didn’t have the time and clean away all the hair they inevitably leave behind everywhere!

More Areas I Serve

People are always driving here and there, long distances and whatnot, to get all their chores done, and if I could help in some way – why shouldn’t I? I can at least reduce the hair your pet leaves all over the property and groom that pet, making it all prim and pretty, waiting for you when you come to collect them. I know I can work with people in more than one area, so the least I can do is expand as much as I can and offer my mobile pet grooming!

  • Port Royal Town, SC
  • Burton, SC
  • Laurel Bay, SC
  • Shell Point, SC
  • Lady’s Island, SC

CallĀ SD Pet Hair Removal and request to work with a brilliant pet groomer, so your favorite pals can have all the love and care they deserve! If you live in and around the Beaufort, SC area and want your pet to receive the best possible grooming – I want to be here for you! I love working with animals and making them beautiful and well-groomed! I can also help remove pet hair from your property with exceptional quality. Let’s work together and give your pet and property the pampering that both need!

Pet Grooming

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  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Dog Shampooing Services
  • Cat Shampooing Services
  • Dog Grooming Services
  • Cat Grooming Services
Pet Grooming

Client Testimonials

by Lindsey Hornson on
Exceptional Mobile Pet Grooming!

How lovely - a fully equipped and impeccable mobile pet grooming service! And the person in charge of the company - wow! The love and devotion were felt from a mile away. The best service I could have asked for, considering my busy schedule and inability to constantly take my pet to the groomer or do it all myself!

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