3 Pet Grooming Tips for At-Home Dog Grooming

Having Your Dog Groomed at Home

Most groomers have a variety of professional shampoos available so that they can select the best dog shampoo for each pup’s unique coat. After they bathe a dog, they often place the dog under a professional-grade hair dryer. If you are considering grooming your dog at home, it is important to be knowledgeable about grooming techniques and supplies. Consider the following 3 pet grooming tips for at-home dog grooming:

Focus on daily maintenance.

If your dog has a long coat, daily brushing with one of the best dog brushes will significantly reduce your dog’s grooming requirements. This will make grooming day less stressful for both of you. Daily brushing will also accustom your dog to handling, making them more receptive to the handling that accompanies grooming.

Use positive reinforcement.

Even a dog that is accustomed to regular handling may dislike standing still for grooming. Invest the time and energy to make grooming as enjoyable for your dog as possible. Reward your pup with tasty dog treats intermittently throughout the grooming session. If you use a soft treat, like peanut butter, you can even smear small amounts of the treat on the side of your bathtub or on your grooming surface; as your dog licks the treat off the surface, they will be more likely to remain still for grooming!

Clean your dog’s ears thoroughly after bathing.

Despite your best efforts to keep the ears dry, water may enter your dog’s ear canals during bathing. This residual moisture can predispose your dog to ear infections. Therefore, it’s always best to clean your dog’s ears with a commercially-available dog ear cleaner after bathing. Not only does this provide you with an opportunity to remove water and debris from the ear canals, but it also allows you to check your dog for any signs of an ear infection.

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