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I opened SD Pet Hair Removal in 2015 and became the reputable pet groomer every residential and commercial customer wants to work with. It happened rather quickly. People saw what my five-year experience had done for me in terms of skills and qualifications and trusted me to groom and shampoo their pets! If you live in and around the Beaufort, SC and want to hire someone who will care at least as much as you – if not more – call me! I love animals and want to take care of yours!

Trusted Pet Grooming

Trusted Pet Grooming

Let’s Talk About My Skills

I love receiving customers and hope it keeps happening. I give free estimates and discounts and have a business license. However, my customers get to chat about my skills and how I plan to move forward with my pet grooming. I will tell you how I plan on keeping your dog or cat relaxed while doing my job perfectly to a tee! That’s what people want to hear – they want to understand the process, and they can feel comfortable knowing they’re leaving their pets in my hands!

I Respect Every Pet

I love working with pets – and being a pet groomer is my dream job! The little furry creatures are so loving and great to have around. They can help soothe different emotions and make for exceptional companions. But, like us, they deserve the perfect care and grooming every once in a while, and I’m here – waiting for your call! You’re busy, I understand – everyone gets busy and needs professional assistance. That’s what I offer your pets!

Call SD Pet Hair Removal at (843) 309-2980 and request my exceptional pet grooming services! I know your pet deserves love and attention, and when you can’t be there for that – I will be! If you live in and around the Beaufort, SC area and need a skilled groomer to take care of your pet when you can’t – you can turn to me and tell me what your lovely creature needs. I’ll get to you in haste and put all my skills and experience to the test, yet again, so I can provide your pet with the most attentive care I’m sure you’ll highly appreciate!

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  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Dog Shampooing Services
  • Cat Shampooing Services
  • Dog Grooming Services
  • Cat Grooming Services
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