Few Specifics About Pet Grooming From a Professional Pet Groomer.

Grooming Your Pet Is Animal Care

Grooming pets is an important part of animal care. Most animals can be taught to enjoy grooming at any age. Regular pet grooming will help you build and maintain healthy relationships with your pets, and practice gentle leadership skills. Another benefit of grooming is that you may notice a physical change that needs medical attention, something that might not have been obvious if you hadn’t been grooming your pet. Here are a few specifics about pet grooming from a professional pet groomer:


Brushing and combing should happen daily or at least several times each week, no matter what kind of coat your animal has. If you plan to give your pet a bath, do the brushing part first. Brushing and combing will feel good to your pet; it removes dead hair and tangles and distributes natural skin oils. If the coat is thick, make sure you are combing all the way to the skin. Be gentle and patient, though; too much pressure on the skin can cause irritation called brush burn, and pulling the tangles will hurt if you try to hurry. A detangler can be used on dry hair to loosen any knots.


The water should be warm, even in summer, because very cold water can chill animals and leave your pet with a bad association with bathing in general. If you are bathing small animals, support them in the tub so they don’t panic. Give your pet a full body massage while lathering up the shampoo, then rinse. If you wish, add conditioner and comb through the coat before a final rinse. On cold days, all animals should be dried, and very young, old, or sick animals should always be dried to prevent chilling.

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